Ultimate Destiny’s Vision, Mission and Core Competencies


Ultimate Destiny’s vision is Ultimate Destinyland™, a world where millions of individuals are empowered to A.R.K. — Awaken to their true identity, Realize more of their inherent potential, Know how to manifest their ultimate destiny and help the rest of the population A.R.K.

Ultimate Destinyland is where individuals, organizations and communities realize more of their inherent potential, fulfill their mission and purpose and manifest their ultimate destiny. Click Here for a PDF on Ultimate Destinyland. (it may take a couple of minutes as it is a 7 page flyer full of images.)


Ultimate Destiny Network and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living co-create, publish and provide resources for facilitating the discovery, actualization and ultimazation of potential inherent within individuals, organizations, companies, communities, ideas, concepts, programs, products and services.

CORE COMPETENCIES: The core competencies of Ultimate Destiny include:

Co-creative visioning and strategic planning for ultimazation.

Discovering, leveraging and harnessing creative power.

Designing and delivering self-discovery exercises and instruments.

Program and product development and adaptations for targeted, previously underserved markets.

Repurposing, repackaging and rebranding content, concepts and contexts.

Strategic Marketectures™, Strategic Marketing Matrices™, and strategic alliances.

Community building, partnerships and multi-sector collaboration.

Innovative Master Fundraising Plans, 110 Fundraising Programs, capital formation strategies.

Large-scale event creation, management, and promotion.

Development and training on successful living skills, entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Creative thinking and problem solving, crisis management.

Printing, publishing and distribution.

Electronic publishing, Internet marketing and joint ventures.

Marketing, promotion and distribution.

Audio and video production.

Membership services and affiliate programs.

Licensing and franchising.

(The above information was developed by Charles Betterton.)

Copyright 2008 by Ultimate Destiny Network. All rights reserved.

Suggested Phrases on the Ultimate Destiny Vision and Mission:

Submitted by Ray F.

Meaning and Purpose
Life direction
Finding your destiny
Understanding yourself
Achieving goals
Achieving your destiny
Discovering who you are
Personal Transformation
Planetary Transformation
Planetary sustainability
Planetary stewardship

Submitted by Lorie K.

Conscious living
Living an inspired life
Living life on purpose
Divine appointments
Purposeful expression
Mind, body, spirit harmony
Feeling complete, peaceful and fully alive

Submitted by Howard P.

Vision: fulfilled potential
Mission: raising consciousness
Purpose: ultimate, eternal development

Submitted by Kimberley J.

Personal development, realization, self-realization, manifestation, service, personal wisdom, human growth, human development, abundance, positive visualization, positive mental attitude, healing the earth, personal emotional healing, manifesting love, personal relationships, controlling destiny, harnessing destiny, choosing destiny, influencing personal destiny, influencing personal reality, manifesting change, embracing change, stewardship, personal change, living in harmony with the earth and each other, fulfilling your potential, fulfilling your destiny, exploring human potential, fostering growth, fostering positive change, sharing abundance, bringing enlightenment tools to the disenfranchised, personal enlightenment, self-help, spiritual self-help, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual realization, spiritual manifestation, spiritual healing, spiritual destiny, spiritual harmony. Oh, I could go on and on …

Submitted by Shannon P.

Through the use of multi-media teachings, the mission of Ultimate Destiny is to teach universal principles which inspire individuals to access the power within them, bringing about an awakening to their ultimate destiny… learning how to dream and manifest their dreams, living with greatness in creativity, prosperity, productivity, love, contribution, balance, fulfillment, and happiness.

Submitted by Peter R.

Vision – We see every human realizing his and her Ultimate life’s purpose.
Mission – Provide support for everyone ready to further their journey and mastery towards fulfilling their ultimate life’s purpose. Purpose – [This is the same as “Mission” for me.]

Submitted by Emmett M.

Mission – to facilitate the transmission of information rich programs to heal, inspire, and awaken wisdom
Vision – Worldwide respect for this source of programs, live and by media; enormous numbers of programs flowing through the internet portals; deep and fundamental healing changes visible at every level from personal to global, as a result of our offerings.

Submitted by Merl K.

Vision: ever-expanding human awakening

Mission: share vision as possible, doable, done.

An Earlier Exercise in Zero Base Planning

What are our vision and mission?

Empowerment, Enlightenment, and Transformation.

Who do we seek to serve?

Spirit first! Anyone and everyone who is willing to awaken, realize more of their potential and know how to use their creative power to manifest their ultimate purpose and destiny.

What is our product?

Wisdom, wealth, well being. Successful Living skills. Realization of potential. Realization of true spiritual identity.

What are the unique aspects of our vision and model?

Focus on spirit, service and stewardship and strategic alliances.

Huge vision of a global infrastructure for producing, marketing, and distributing products and services that provide expanded awareness of and greater access to transformational tools and resources.

How will we reach and serve our target populations?

While we will be able to connect directly with some of the individuals we wish to serve, most of them will be reached and served through organizations that already served them such as United Way agencies, public housing authorities, urban league’s, community development corporations, community action agencies, youth and social service organizations.

How could we accelerate our vision of establishing thousands of Empowerment Resource Centers and ETMS?

Design programs and marketing materials for the staff and the boards of these service organizations use Personal Success Techniques as one resource.

Issue a Request For Proposals for Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems (ETMS) and Empowerment Resource Centers (ERCs)

Finalize Empower-Mentor Training of Trainers.

Get grants to offer scholarships to clients of provider agencies.

Get corporate sponsors to provide resources to provider agencies.

Get program related investments to launch. Set up membership networks and solicit donations.

Brainstorm pros and cons of each target market to find the best place to start, possibly Urban Leagues.

Earlier Exercise Envisioning the Ultimate Success of Ultimate Destiny

Ultimate Destiny and the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins

Business Plan Exercises on Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals

Soaring with the Christ Over Ultimate Destinyland

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